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About us

Welcome to IntelligEarth S.r.l., a cutting-edge startup affiliated with the Sapienza University of Rome, founded in 2023 of which, Nhazca srl, is the corporate partner. Our main mission is to redefine the conservation of cultural and environmental heritage.

Our approach harnesses the power of AI-based processing and the collective strength of our community. What truly sets us apart is our seamless integration of expertise from academia, science, and business, allowing us to transform visionary ideas into groundbreaking solutions.

This multidisciplinary synergy empowers us to not just conceptualize ambitious visions but to turn them into tangible actions. At IntelligEarth, we are more than professionals; we are a community of visionaries bound by a shared dream of safeguarding our cultural heritage and the environment, fusing the realms of Earth and Space technologies.


At IntelligEarth, we envision a future where our innovative tech solutions redefine global efforts in preserving and protecting our planet. By weaving together, the threads of crowdsourcing, AI, and immersive technologies, we are dedicated to forging a resilient and sustainable world. Join us in shaping an intelligent, greener, and interconnected future.


We are developing cutting-edge, user-friendly technologies, drawing inspiration from space applications, for the timely monitoring of cultural and environmental heritage by taking advantage of crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to make monitoring of cultural and natural heritages accessible, systematic, cost-effective, and socially engaging.


Academic StartUp, framed in the Third Mission activities promoted by 'Sapienza' University of Rome - Department of Earth Sciences.


Our innovative solutions will transform everyday smartphones into dynamic tools for monitoring. By simply capturing images, users worldwide could contribute to a global effort to safeguard cultural and natural landmarks. 


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